I just like movies that somehow expose the world in a way that’s different than you imagine it.

– Alex Winter

About us

Double 4 Studios World Cinema (doing business as Double 4 Studios Romania) is a new member of the film community in Romania.
Founded by Andrei Zinca in 2022, it is mainly dedicated to film production, distribution and exhibition.
Through its alliance with Double 4 Studios (US), it promotes the collaboration between filmmakers and film industries in both countries.
The company is included in the Romanian Film Registry.


What makes a male, and what makes a female? Where do we draw the line, and does it really matter?

Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a South African beauty queen, plunges into an identity crisis after finding out she is intersex. In her quest to deal with gender dysphoria, she needs the guidance of somebody just like her. The only person who will help is Dimakatso Sebidi, a masculine presenting intersex activist who turns out to be her complete opposite. The two parallel but divergent stories offer an intimate look at the struggle of living in a male-female world, when you are born in-between. For the first time in a creative documentary, Who I Am Not gives a voice to the long ignored and mostly silent two percent of the world’s population: the intersex community.